The Hillbilly Hacker

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Who I am

My first machine was a hand-me-down apple IIe. My next as a beige box with 95. After that was a Compaq with ME. That one didn't last too long I think it was about six months before I replaced ME with OpenSuse. I never looked back from there. I was hooked on Linux it was better than DOS which has always been better than windows. Things made sense here in a way that they never did with windows. It was stable and beautiful and open. From the it was on to Red Hat back before it became Fedora, then Slackware, Crunch-Bang, and finally Debian. That was back around Etch and I've been here ever since. I hated the switch to SystemD and have since tried several other distros to get away from it but I always find my way back to Debian because it just works. I spent quite a long time in the corporate IT world from the helldesk to director. Then the bubble burst back in 08 and I joined the army. I did my time there and came back to corporate IT, I don't know if it had changed or if I had but I lasted about a year before I was burnt out. From there it was on the being a truck driver, the money was good and I didn't have to deal with people. After being lied too one too many times there I'm back doing the only thing I've ever been any good at. This time is different because now I am a free house-elf.

The first time you hear me speak you'll know just how far back in the hills I'm from. The sent me to speech therapy as a kid in school because none of the teachers could understand my accent. I'm still pissed about that. I won't go into that, needless to say my views on the state of the education system in this country are dim.

My current systems are a hardline water cooled Threadripper 1950X in a ASUS ROG Zenith Extreme motherboard, with 32Gb of DDR4-3200. An Acrosser AR-V5403FLA-LTE and a Macbook Pro 9,2. My network is my real labor of love. A Cisco ASA 5505, Cisco 2621XM router, a Catalyst 3550 switch and a Catalyst 3750 PoE switch. Wifi provided by a Ubiquiti UAC-AP-Pro and a pair of Ubiquiti NanoStation Loco M5's.

I have great distaste for ads, online tracking, and javascript. So you'll find none of that on my site.