The Hillbilly Hacker

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Security focused IT services

No BS service.* Security first, networks and systems specializing in open source software. I don't do social media management, SEO, or build websites. I do systems, networks and repairs. I do not believe in half measures if I touch I do my best to fix everything even unreported issues and I always work towards future proofing. I have a no fix no charge policy. If I can't fix it you don't pay. If I can't fix it I will happily recommend someone who can, unless it is simply not cost effective to fix. I do this because it's all I know not to get rich, my self respect means more to me than the money. If you've clicked over and watched any of my videos you'll see just how passionate I am about what I do. I served in the army and sailors wish they could swear like soldiers. If the situation requires I refrain I made no promises as to my success.